Ibiza and Majorca embodies an indefinable magic – one people can’t quite put their finger on. Some cite its inescapable magnetism; others love its diversity; many can’t get enough of its remarkable landscapes, but if there’s one element of the white isle that unites all photographers it’s the island’s incredible golden light. Around the time of sunset, the baleares islands scenery is illuminated by an incredible iridescent glow; one that brings alive pine-clad hills and makes the surface of the sea dance enchantingly. This particular light fascinates me, and as a result, it’s often enmeshed in my matrimonial storytelling. Many of my wedding shoots often put the spotlight on a Balearic-inspired colour palette of soft blues, golds and whites – one of the many factors that makes Ibiza or Mallorca the ideal location for my style of photography, not to mention the wide variety of couples I has the pleasure of photographing on their big day. I get booked by lots of very different couples, Initially we talk on Skype, or in person if they’re in Ibiza or Mallorca, and I like to find out how they know each other, how long they’ve been together and what their background is. It helps me to capture them if I know their story! My natural curiosity and keenness to understand what makes couples tick means is in high demand, particularly among those who aren’t immediately at ease with having their picture taken. A lot of people book me when the husband-to-be isn’t comfortable in front of the camera. The bride-to-be often tells me that normally it’s very difficult to get their partner in the picture! But I am very good at making people smile so they feel comfortable, and that really helps people to relax on the big day.

my name is
Selia Zingale

And I shoot wedding photographs on Ibiza, Mallorca and in Germany. As a professional wedding photographer, I try to put the wishes of my clients into practice as well as possible.
I have lived in Germany for 15 years. Now I live on the beautiful island Ibiza with my partner. During the wintertime, I often work in spain and germany.

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