Non traditional alternative wedding

Fancy Future Wedding Ibiza

Nowhere else than on Ibiza!!!! The boldest selection of fun, colorful fancy modern dresscode for your wedding in the trendiest wedding colors of the season 2017. Always on the look out for unique and unusual ideas for a wedding. No one else can design it better than the Giuliana Russotti bride and personal fashion designer! She find her dream wedding clutch wedding accessories from head to toe every single detail was completly unique! The dresscode for the guests was legendary! If you are looking for a complementary hat that matches bridal, beach, race, or other types of outfits, than Giuliana is the top of the top!
If you are looking for something different for your wedding, something slightly quirky and a little comical, then this is the section for you!!! Thank you for sharing this awesome day with u guys

wedding details

Location: Ibiza Make Up Artist and Style : Giuliana Russotti